Books and Magazines

Black Bee on Flower

There is also a good British magazine called Beecraft. The address for this mag. is Bee Craft Ltd., 107 Church Street, Werrington, Peterborough PE4 6QF, England. You can get a digital edition of this mag for £16 per annum or hard copy with free online edition for £51. Beecraft produce booklets on various aspects such as Guide to Swarming and Swarm Control Cards £5; Bee Disease Recognition Guides £5; Record Cards £2.50 (5 cards). Also they sell books. I notice that the Haynes Bee Manual is at £19.99 ( Approx. €23).I will ask them to make a deal if there is enough demand in our club.

Another book seller is Northern Beebooks  – download a price list from the internet. They also sell leaflets on various beekeeping topics.

Books to be recommended are:

  • Guide to Bees and Honey – Ted Hooper about €17.50.
  • Teach Yourself Beekeeping – Adrian and Claire Waring. about €14.50.
  • Beekeeping – Andrew Davies, first published in 2007 by Collins and Brown, London. – about €10.

There are loads of books, of course, but keep the spending to a minimum on books and learn through seeing the inside of a hive as often as you can with help from one another. Please do not be too eager in opening any hives in this kind of weather. Wait until it’s at least 15 degrees C.

We can discuss this and more on Wednesday evening next in Flannery’s Hotel at 7.30pm DV.