About Tribes Beekeepers Association

About, The Tribes Beekeepers Association is a group of people from many parts of Galway, some local and some not so local, forming a community of like-minded individuals coming together to enjoy their hobby of beekeeping and help each other to improve their techniques and systems and to generally chat and have the crack over tea and cakes. (tea and cakes are optional)

The committee members are all acting in a voluntary capacity. They do not get paid for the work they do for the association. Many have jobs that take up most of their day and much of the work is done in their own time in evenings and days off. Therefore your emails may not be answered immediately. The committee and many members have spent a lot of time and effort helping to refurbish our clubhouse (which is looking better now, but there is still much to do), organising and running the beginners classes and much more.

"She was there a minute ago"

It takes a bit of practice to find the queen, but most experienced beekeepers don’t have too much difficulty finding her when they need to.

Though it is not usually necessary to lay eyes on the queen since there will be evidence of her presence in the hive, there are times when it is necessary.

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The welfare of honey bees is one of our main concerns and we work to improve their image and the environment we live in for their sakes and ours.

We run beginners beekeeping courses/classes in spring to prepare new members for their first beehives and also other beekeeping events throughout the year for all members and often for the public.

These events include lectures by nationally and internationally recognised experts in beekeeping and related fields. Some of these events are free and some have to have a small charge. They are always value for money and well worth your time.

Do call in and have a chat with us if you have any interest in bees or beekeeping, even if you do not want to have your own hive.


The Tribes Committee

Chairperson: Patricia Cosgrove
Secretary: Cormac Flynn
Treasurers: Patsy Cahalan

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Why We Keep Bees

Although this claim is often attributed to Albert Einstein, Maurice Maeterlinck in his book The Life of the Bee, first published in 1901,  remarked:

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

Though arguable, this is a serious and horrible thought that we are so dependant on these insects and it seems to be the aim of many companies to wipe them out. With that in mind, Tribes Beekeepers Association strives to further the cause of the honey bee through educational visits and open days, support of ‘backyard beekeepers’ and generally promoting the joys of keeping honey bees.

We Have the Power
to Save the Bees


A world where bees are safe from chemicals and our food is safe.


To teach the public about the value of bees and how to keep them