Tribes Beekeepers Association Galway

Tribes Beekeepers Association

ar scáth a chéile

Founded in Galway on 9th April 2013, Tribes Beekeepers Association (‘Tribes’) is an organisation providing support to its club members on beekeeping matters. Its motto, ‘Ar scáth a chéile’, means ‘under the wings of one another’.

How to Start Beekeeping in Ireland

How to Start Beekeeping in Ireland. You may have figured that out already that after reading all the books and watching a ton of YouTube videos you still seem to be missing a link or two. You just can’t quite get started. What to do?

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Swarm of Bees

Help With Swarms of Bees

Have you seen something like this hanging around your garden or on a wall of your home or office?

We may be able to help you with that. Some of our members enjoy rescuing bees looking for a home. Give us a call and we will check to see if any of our members are available and get them to call you.

Swarming is a natural phenomenon and is their way of procreating. These bees have broken away from another colony to start a new one of their own.

Tribes Maintains a High Standard of Beekeeping & Honey Production

Mary Wall - Tribes' Honey Queen with some her prizes

Honey Shows

Some of our members like to enter honey shows. The picture on the left shows Mary Wall with some of the prizes she won for her honey and wax at a pre-covid honey show where she displayed her work. Also in the Picture are Paul O’Brien FIBKA President and Tribes Treasurer, and some of the honey judges.

A little preview

Honey Bees Tending Their Queen

The Queen spends her day laying eggs and she has attendants all around her that see to everything she needs to do that job.

Honeybee Collecting Nectar
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