Proposal to the UN to make 20th May ‘World Bee Day’

Slovenia is going to propose that May 20th is declared WORLD BEE DAY

On the initiative of Beekeeping Association of Slovenia (BAS) the Republic of Slovenia is going to propose to the United Nations (UN) that May 20th is declared WORLD BEE DAY.

Raising public awareness of the importance of bees and apicultural products has an important role in the effort to protect bees and beekeeping sector. Therefore we propose that United Nations declare 20th May World Bee Day (WBD). May is month which in the northern hemisphere is known as the time with the greatest activity in the growth of bees. During this period, bees are most numerous and the need for pollination is at maximum. In the southern hemisphere on the other hand, it is autumn time, the time for harvesting bee products, and thus the days and weeks of honey.

May 20th is the day when Anton Janša was born (1734-1773). He is known as a pioneer of modern beekeeping and one of the greatest experts on bees of the time. He was the first modern beekeeping teacher in the world, and Holy Roman Empress Maria Teresa of Austria named him a permanent teacher of beekeeping School in Vienna. He became famous even before his death. After 1775, the entire state beekeeping teacher had to teach beekeeping following Anton Janša´s teachings.

We have already informed some Beekeeping associations and other organizations in Slovenia and abroad with this initiative. So far we have received a lot support for the WBD initiative.

We are very glad that the WBD initiative already gained support from: Balkan Federation of Apicultural Associations, President of the Apimondia – International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations Mr. Gilles Ratia, who approves and supports this initiative. Regarding the WBD initiative Apimondia management board will discuss it in the forthcoming meeting in South Korea. The WBD initiative also has support of Mr. Etienne Bruneau, President of the Apimondia Scientific Commission “Beekeeping Technology and Quality”.

The WBD initiative was presented on EU Member States meeting of EU agriculture ministers in Brussels on May 12th. Support to the WBD initiative was expressed by many: Hungary, Austria, Cyprus, Poland, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Greece, France, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium and the United Kingdom as well as by the European Commission which expressed the support to the WBD initiative in the talks of the meeting. Also other EU Members States (Romania, Bulgaria, Malta) expressed their sympathy.

For more information regarding the WBD initiative please visit:

We kindly ask that all Beekeeping Associations send their letters of support for the World Bee Day initiative to Mr. Peter Kozmus, PhD:

Brdo pri Lukovici, 15. 5. 2015 Boštjan Noč, President of BAS