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Thank you to all who attended the AGM last Wednesday night. It was good to see so many happy smiling faces there on the night. There have been some changes on the committee again this year. We lost some valuable members on the night and throughout the year. Mary Wall and Ita O’Reilly have retired from the committee. They were valuable members of the committee contributing greatly at our committee meetings with their opinions and ideas. Not only that but they have been a major part of every monthly members meeting by supplying the tea and goodies along with the friendly chat and information. Mary as we all know is an expert in honey and wax production not to mention the honey cakes and has a large collection of prizes to prove it. Ita’s work in the garden behind our clubhouse has greatly improved the apiary and is admired by all who visit. They are still members, so we will still see them from time to time.

We also lost,  from our committee, Sean Duffy our former President of the Association and Chairman of the committee as he stepped down. Sean could often be found at the clubhouse tinkering with things that were in need of repair of installing something new like our letterbox. He lead the work of refurbishment during the year, which has given us the warm and cosy clubhouse we have today, among many other things. Some members will remember having to dress warmly for meetings in previous years.

The above are a loss to the committee, but we have new members to replace them and we hope to continue the good work in the coming year.

New Committee Members

As of Wednesday 25th October 2017 we have a new committee. They are:

President: Gerry Mac Eoin
Secretary: Ian Speirs
Treasurer: Paul O’Brien
Vice President: Steve O’Dea
Public Relations Officer: Seán Hynes
Events Coordinator: Anthony Mullen

Tribes Beekeepers Association

We have a fantastic club with many good active members and a clubhouse that other clubs would love to have. We need to make the most of it. As a committee we have always tried to give value for money and that will continue and improve as we go on. You do not need to be an expert beekeeper to enjoy your membership and to attend the meetings. We are all in beekeeping because we like it and want to have fun with it. It is not fun if you don’t share your experiences and listen to the experiences of others. That is how we learn and if there is one thing we know about beekeepers, it’s that we all love to talk about our bees.