Jim Ryan’s Beeswax Cosmetics Workshop

Jim Ryan returned to Tribes Beekeepers Association yesterday by popular demand to demonstrate the skills involved in the production of cosmetics using beeswax with various other raw materials. This workshop was awaited with great anticipation because Jim had been with us before in 2015 and many who missed it then and others who had attended wanted to be sure not to miss is it this year. Jim once again gave a wonderfully entertaining and informative presentation with the indispensable assistance of his wife Pauline, who ensured that everything went according to plan.

Miss Staunton helping make a candleJim began with a simple candle using a single sheet of foundation and proved its worth by lighting it and burning it for the duration of the workshop. He had a lot of help from a beautiful young lady in the audience with this one.

This young lady quickly picked up this skill and made the job look easy. Because she did such a good job she was presented with the candle later in the workshop. Not everyone did get a candle.

Cosmetics for everyone in the audienceThe next items on the agenda were moisturiser and lip balm. After they were made Pauline wrapped them beautifully and everyone who attended received a gift of one before leaving.

The demonstration of making soap surprised many of us because of the addition of caustic soda and the long waiting period before the soap would be ready for use.

Tribes Beekeepers Association would like to thank Jim and Pauline Ryan for their hard work and for travelling all the way up from Tipperary to present this workshop.

We have a gallery of random images from the day here: Beeswax Cosmetics Workshop

Thanks also to the committee members who oversaw the proceedings: Mary Wall, Ita O’Reilly and Patsy Cahalan and brought and managed the fabulous food that was available on the day.

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