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The Tribes Beekeepers went to the Claregalway Agricultural Show 2017 this year and they brought some honey with them. They did not go to win, they went to take part and enjoy the day, but they ended up doing very well indeed.
Well done to all.

Ian Speirs (Club Secretary) First Prize for his cake.
Patsy Cahalan (Apiary manager) First Prize for his honey.
Mary Wall (Events Organiser) Second for her honey.
Sinéad O’Dwyer (Member) Third Prize for her honey.
Ita O’Reilly (Vice Chairperson) Did very well with her flowers and veg.

Great to see the Tribes doing so well.

More information here as it comes in.



Ita O'Reilly, Patsy Cahalan and Ian Speirs (Tribes Beekeepers)