Tribes Beekeepers Association Galway

Category: Club Activities

Beginners Beekeeping Course 2016

Beginners Beekeeping Course 2016. The course will cover: Manipulation of a Colony of Honeybees, Beekeeping Equipment, Natural History of the Honeybee, Beekeeping, Disease and Poisoning, Harvesting.

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The Trip to Ballyhaunis

May I take this opportunity to say thanks to Eoghan and John for inviting us to set up this new Bee Club. I have learnt so much with the trip to John’s home and the talk in Flannery’s hotel.

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Meeting Next Wednesday – Special Lecture on Swarms

Thank you to those who bought beehives and attended John Carrig’s Yard on last Saturday,18th May, to discuss assembly of hives, and other beehive management details. John informs me that there are two beehives still for sale and at a premium price of €150, which includes floor, brood box, queen excluder, two supers, crown board, roof, and eleven frames with foundation for each of the boxes.

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