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Strange Bee Behaviour at Hive Entrance

One of the things that worry beginner beekeepers most in the early months or even years is when bees gather at the entrance to their hives. Novices immediately think that there is something disastrously wrong and that they have somehow failed. This is not necessarily so. But here is a…

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Honey Bees and Beekeeping for Fun and Profit

Why would you even want to get involved with stinging insects in the first place? Well, there are several reasons. The original reason for keeping bees was likely for the honey. If you kept the hives nearby, you would not need to hunt around to find a hive and if you found one, you might have to climb…

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How to Start Beekeeping in Ireland

How to Start Beekeeping in Ireland. You may have figured that out already that after reading all the books and watching a ton of YouTube videos you still seem to be missing a link or two. You just can’t quite get started. What to do?

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