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Apimondia Congress 2015 Daejeon, Korea

We are the Local Organizing Committee of Apimondia Congress 2015 Daejeon, Korea and we are writing this email to ask for your help spreading the word, giving more people opportunities to learn about the 44th APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress 2015.

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The Trip to Ballyhaunis

May I take this opportunity to say thanks to Eoghan and John for inviting us to set up this new Bee Club. I have learnt so much with the trip to John’s home and the talk in Flannery’s hotel.

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Bee Flora

Below is the bee flora section from the FIBKA website, – Rebecca Dixon is currently compiling a small article for Tribes on planting for bees in the west.

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Beekeeping Articles

How to Start Beekeeping in Ireland

How to Start Beekeeping in Ireland. You may have figured that out already that after reading all the books and watching a ton of YouTube videos you still seem to be missing a link or two. You just can’t quite get started. What to do?

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