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Free Laboratory Testing for Your Bees

Testing your bees in now free, for the time being at least. You should send your sample of 30 bees or a section of comb if it is a suspected brood disease, for diagnosis. This is the only reliable method of disease detection.

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Asian Hornet Found in Scotland – Confirmed

Vespa Velutina has become an invasive species in France where it is believed to have arrived in boxes of pottery from China in 2004. Humans have been attacked after disturbing hornets; although the species is not aggressive it “charges in a group as soon as it feels its nest is threatened”. People have been hospitalised in France after suffering anaphylactic shock as a result of multiple stings. Because of hornets’ larger size, their sting is more serious than that of a bee.

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Build Your Own NUC or Buy

Seán Duffy shows members Ian Speirs and Gerry Mac Eoin how to quickly make a pinewood NUC from scratch. No tea and cakes today. Straight down to work. Seán, chairman of the Tribes Beekeepers Association, builds his own hives and NUCs and agreed to give a small demonstration to a small group of members at the clubhouse on Saturday.

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Beekeeping Articles

Strange Bee Behaviour at Hive Entrance

One of the things that worry beginner beekeepers most in the early months or even years is when bees gather at the entrance to their hives. Novices immediately think that there is something disastrously wrong and that they have somehow failed. This is not necessarily so. But here is a…

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Honey Bees and Beekeeping for Fun and Profit

Why would you even want to get involved with stinging insects in the first place? Well, there are several reasons. The original reason for keeping bees was likely for the honey. If you kept the hives nearby, you would not need to hunt around to find a hive and if you found one, you might have to climb…

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